Project meeting in Alcanadre, Spain, 15th-18th May 2014

The meeting was organized by the Municipality of Alcanadre, Spain, which is one of the partners in this project.

Mrs. Rodica Zimbru
Mrs. Andrea Theodora Zimbru
Mrs. Raluca Gherman
Mrs. Veronica Andrei
Mrs. Brandusa Ieremciuc
Mr. Mihai Morar

Mr. Christos Nicolaides
Mr. Christos Parouxis
Mrs. Kalia Nicolaides

Mrs. Adelfa Gómez
Mrs. Inmaculada Martinez
Mrs. Mª Angeles Sancho
Mrs. Marta Muñoz

The agenda of the meeting:

Friday, 16th May:
POET in a Nutshell

Mrs. Rodica Zimbru/A.R.E.D Suceava presents the main aspects of the POET project :

• Background

• Objectives

• Target groups

• Main products

And she showed the products that we have done till now; the POET calendar made by Spanish partner and Christmas Card from all partners.

Mrs. Zimbru presented all outdoor activities done in Romania till now.
Mrs. Muñoz from Spanish partner presented the evaluation plan and templates.
All partners agree to use these two tools for evaluating the project, one of them is for the evaluation of the meeting.
Mr. Nicolaides, (Cyprus partner) presented the foreseen agenda and the organizational issues related to the Summer school, to be held in the period of 1-6 September in Cyprus.
The partnership found the presented agenda really interesting and the Cyprus partners work was highly appreciated.
Some of the activities:
Education outdoor in action I: Guided tour of the Alcanadre´s wineries.
Listen to the local producers and taste products. They have explained how they produce their wines, the last technologies, and marketing aspects.
The partnership have visited to kind of wineries, one of them more familiar, the winery belongs a one family, called BELELUIN.
In another hand the cooperative of wine in Alcanadre, Fernando the person in charge for the marketing of the cooperative has showed the winery, the old and the new one.
Education Outdoor action II: the first Natural Green Way Education about local natural resources, health and tourism, vineyards and birds. The educational trails through the paths gives us not only information about plants, trees and animals. It´s also to feel like “partner of nature”.
The POET team followed and enjoyed the chapel trail from the village while passing fields, settlements and a big river, and feeling the atmosphere of the landscape and spiritual impact of moving and listening.
Education outdoor in action III: Folklore in the square.
The dancers group of Alcanadre did a performance in the square, from children to older ones. Doing a visual representation, the jota is danced and sung accompanied by castanets, and the interpreters wear regional costumes from La Rioja.
Finally dancers showed to the partnership how to dance la Jota Riojana and all have participated.



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