The project

The project aims to develop active practical competencies of teachers and adults involved in education at any level, by emphasizing the importance of taking education outdoors, no matter the age of the learners. It will also encourage the partners to share a variety of culture through education outdoors and to gain a better understanding of each partner’s life style and living values.
During this project, partners will develop communication skills, tolerance and active citizenship and it will also be focused on education for sustainable development, by using outdoors education techniques, such as games, summer schools, actions for preserving the environment. With the proposed activities, the project also promotes social inclusion and civic democracy, as it will use the good practices examples from the partner institutions.
It aims to encourage adults and teachers/trainers to work together and widen perspectives through their education in order to discover and valorize common living values differently emphasized in every country. It will show differences and similarities, as traditions, lifestyle, taking care of the environment, customs and culture among the participant countries. Within the activities, the partner institutions will research specific moral values including work, tolerance, self-respect, and respect for the environment and more than this, they will focus on education outdoors specific techniques.
The project is designed for two years, it will bring together partners from Romania, Spain, Turkey and Cyprus, who will work in order to achieve the project’s aims and to design final products agreed among the partners, such as: website, a common outdoor games book, photos exhibition, DVD, and European conference in the coordinating country, two summer schools.

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