Chrysanthou & Parouxis Consultants Ltd

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The Cyprus economy heavily depends on tourism and the hospitality sector needs the support of professionals to deliver quality services. Chrysanthou & Parouxis Consultants Ltd has been actively involved in the Cyprus catering market since 2011, offering consulting and training services to new or existing businesses. The catering businesses (restaurants, bars, clubs, cafeterias and hotel catering services) require a combination of staff training which basically is divided into three categories: a) acquisition of technical skills b) sharpening of soft skills and c) team building. Often the catering businesses employ staff from various countries, a fact that forces the trainer introduce other techniques to make his training more effective.
The training offered is approved and, in some cases, subsidized by the Cyprus Human Resources Authority. In order to keep offering high standard services, Chrysanthou & Parouxis Consultants Ltd is in contact with catering vocational schools and adult training centres in Europe who give the opportunity to acquire new ideas and methodologies in professional adult training.
The company is run by two well experienced professionals who have strong academic background and have served extensively the hospitality and catering fields.
Christos Parouxis is a graduate of the Hotel & Catering Academy, Zoetemeer, Holland. He had worked in various five star hotels in Europe and Cyprus as an internal trainer for 18 years. He is a founding member of the Cyprus Sommelier Association.
Stephanos Chrysanthou is a graduate of the Hotel & Catering Institute of Nicosia and the French Culinary Institute of the USA. He worked as an Executive Chef for 9 Years in various five star hotels and for many years as a Sous Chef in Cyprus and the the USA. He is a member of Cyprus Chefs Association and runs his own culinary show on national television.

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