Municipality of Alcanadre, Spain

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The municipality of Alcanadre, has a population of 1.000 inhabitants . This municipality is located within the Rioja Region (Spain). During summer period the population increases more than 5 times. Their proposals for development look for a sustainable local sector. Alcanadre has a strong touristic area with hotel and rural hostels that offer relax and a rest place for visitors in sports, landscapes and the Way of St James, land of wines.
The Municipality is focuses on the following key areas:
To favour the attendance of spaces and the fruition of cultural and tourism opportunities by all citizens groups (elder and disabled people, youngsters, new citizens and tourists) through the definition of methods, instruments and approaches able to improve the information and welcoming, and the requalification of the area giving a cultural interest for the inhabitants and visitors. It works in local sustainable development and new job opportunities in the tourism domains and others.
The municipality of Alcanadre our main work is focused on rural development, SME-s development, tourism development, and environment, preservation natural and cultural heritage, social cohesion and social enterprises.
We have experience as a lead partner and as a partner in local projects. The projects vary from tourism, ecology and communal projects to rural development and the establishment of partnerships with public or private organizations.
The social organizations of the town work in many projects with voluntary elder people related to environmental projects, cultural projects and green economy.

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