Project meeting in Limassol, Cyprus, 1st-6th Sept. 2014

The third meting was hosted by the Cyprus partner.

The agenda of the meeting was the following:

SEPT. 1: arrival of delegations– settlement in hotel limassol

SEPT. 2: Project meeting from 10:00 – 12:00

Brainstorming activity: create your own beach educational activity 13:30 -17:00

  • We form groups of 4-6 students and ask them to “design” their own educational beach activity
  • The groups present their activities explaining what will be the educational purpose of the activity
  • Each group should organise this activity for the next day to implement it on the beach

SEPT. 3: OUTDOOR educational activities on THE BEACH

  • Each team explains once again their activity, objective of activity
  • We do each activity
  • Feedback activity: commenting on how the activity go

SEPT. 4:  “Cultural Limassol” activity – an educational activity (all day)

  • The teams of beach activity will receive a sheet with questions that will have to find the answers. The questions may have to do with Limassol, the Greek language etc
  • The activity will last from 09:00-11:00 in the Castle area of Limassol
  • The “winners” will be announced and a small “prize” will be given

SEPT. 5: Cultural Day at Paphos (all day)

  • We rent a small bus for the entire day. We visit the main cultural places during our journey to Paphos.


There were 9 participants from Romania, 5 from Spain, and 3 from Cyprus.

The activities were designed and developed according to the project thematic.

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