Asociatia Regionala pentru Educatie si Dezvoltare (ARED) Suceava

sigla ARED
The Regional Association for Education and Development (ARED) Suceava is a non-governmental organization, whose aims are to promote and support families, youngsters and people in need and in risk of social exclusion, to encourage the active learning, to promote democracy, living values and European citizenship. The associations’ goals are to establish partnerships with similar organizations and institutions from all over of Europe and to contribute to youngsters and adults’ development and their lives improvement.
ARED Suceava was established in September 2005.
The main type of activities that ARED Suceava is focussed on are:
– meetings with educational and cultural personalities from here and/or from Romania and from other countries;
– organizing workshops and seminars, training and qualification courses for teachers, , students, adults and other people working in the field of education;
– conferences, meetings with different specialists in education;
– LLP projects.
– Local projects: national conferences, summer schools, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
It has experience in running LLP projects, it was involved in a Grundtvig partnership called “Bum, Bum, Adolescence is Here!”, developed in 2006-2008, then, it was and still is a local partner in two Comenius regio projects, here, in Suceava.
It will be the coordinator of the project and will cooperate and actively participate to all the activities of the project.

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